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If you're taking a ferry to Vancouver Island and on an epic road trip, stop in Port Angeles, Washington. The area has so much to offer, especially if you stay at one of the many hotels in the historic downtown area. From the art on murals along the Port Los Angeles Mural Trail to the lively art galleries, pop culture abounds throughout the city, and even on the beaches, this area really has it all.

If you have time, there are some things to do in Port Angeles, Washington for a short trip, but a week or more to explore would be ideal. We invite you to visit Port Los Angeles for just a few days to fully enjoy all of its attractions, from historic downtown to beautiful beaches. Depending on the season and weather, you should plan at least two to three weeks to enjoy the city.

Plan a few hours of fun, hunt and look for hand-painted art paintings that tell the story of Port Angeles, Washington and its history and culture in downtown Port Los Angeles. Webster Woods offers a walking trail while the PortLos Angeles Fine Arts Center offers outdoor art. Visit an exhibition of natural and artistic works that offers a beautiful view of the most beautiful beaches of the Pacific Northwest.

At the end of your visit, you can visit the Carnegie Musuem, located in the heart of downtown Port Los Angeles, just blocks from the museum. Reach Francis Street and expand your activities by car by using one of PortLos Angeles "many public transportation options. Connect to the city's public transport system without using a car - navigating the streets. Take a one-mile walk or bike ride along the waterfront, or take a walk through historic downtown Port Angeles and experience some of its history and culture at the Pittsburgh Museum of Natural History, located at the Carnegie Museum.

This is a great place to learn more about the Elwha Klallam tribe, located in Port Angeles at the mouth of the Elwha River. It is recognized as the nation's best tribal museum and welcomes visitors to experience the history, culture and history of this unique tribe and its people. This is the largest Indian village found in Washington state since the village of Makah Ozette was discovered in the 1970s.

Sights include the Elwha Klallam Museum, Port Angeles Museum of Natural History and Pacific Northwest Museum. Visit the Living History Museum and the EMP Museum, dedicated to modern culture, as well as the Washington State Historical Society's History Museum.

There are dozens of street art scattered throughout the city center, and many public art exhibitions and sculptures are located in and around the city, starting with the Port Angeles Museum of Natural History, the Pacific Northwest Museum, and the History Museum of the Washington State Historical Society.

If you prefer to drive, you can pick up a professional nature guide from the museum or opt for a hike or whale watching tour of the Puget Sound National Wildlife Refuge. You can spend the day exploring nearby museums and attractions before taking the ferry back to the US in the afternoon or taking a day trip to Port Angeles, Washington, for a full day of hiking, biking and other activities.

You should be able to do all things on foot in Port Angeles, including the Olympic Discovery Trail. We have provided a list of our favorite museums and attractions, as well as a short guide to some of the things you can do on your day trip to Port Los Angeles. For more information, please contact the Museum of Natural History and the Port of PortLos Angeles Visitors Bureau at (206) 662-5555.

The main attraction in Neah Bay, within walking distance of the Cape Resort, is the Makah Museum at 1880 Bayview Ave. You can visit the Port of Los Angeles and the Victoria Tourist Bureau for suggestions on activities. The Olympic Coast Discovery Center is located on the east side of Port Angeles on the corner of Bay View Ave., and has plenty to do in and around PortLos Angeles. It is also located in the same building as the Natural History Museum, just a few blocks away.

If you're not planning on visiting Dungeness Spit or First Beach in La Push, Ediz Hook is a must - see how you're exposed to marine life, especially seals. You can ride a bike or take a side trip to explore the beach at the mouth of the Spit on the east side of Port Angeles Harbor, just blocks from the Museum of Natural History and Los Angeles Harbor. Accessible by bike, you can walk or cycle to the museum or even the Olympic Coast Discovery Center. There are many things to do in and around PortLos Angeles, whether you are walking, biking or hiking, as well as a variety of activities.

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