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When it comes to experiencing all that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer, Port Angeles is the place to be. Whether you stop at Los Angeles Harbor to catch a ferry to Vancouver Island or stay at one of the many downtown hotels, the area has so much to offer. Using PortLos Angeles as the base for your vacation rental can maximize the fun you will experience on vacation, and it will connect you to everything.

If you don't have much time, you can cycle to Olympic National Park or visit Lake Crescent, which is just a short drive from Port Angeles to the west of the city. If you have time, we recommend you take the Push-Push ride, but be sure to use Clallam Transit in different ways, as many things in Port Los Angeles are to do on foot, by bike, on foot or on foot. Depending on the time of day you arrive, you can also hike up Hurricane Ridge before the sun sets and explore PortLos Angeles or cycle to Olympic Park.

The San Juan Islands are also to the north and Port Townsend, Washington, is in Port Angeles, but it is only a short drive north of the city and a few miles south of Olympic Park.

Spend an afternoon in the heart of Port Angeles to experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. You should also visit the Feiro Marine Life Center, located right on Port Los Angeles City Pier.

Reggie will pick you up at Fairchild Airport and take you to your destination in Port Angeles. This service will take you to the Platypus Marine, take you around Port Los Angeles and the surrounding area and pick you up at the airport. Reggie can be picked up at Fair Child Airport, or you can take Reggie to where he is needed to go to Port LA.

If you are travelling from Aberdeen or Hoquiam, take the Port and Port in the Port of Los Angeles or take a ferry to Port LA at Port Angeles International Airport or at the airport.

If you skip the ferry, the trip takes about 2.5 hours, but if you need a trip from Port Angeles to Seattle, take the Dungeness Line. If you are considering taking a taxi from SeaTac Airport to Port Los Angeles, you might want to consider the discounted fare. It is also possible to reach the Port of Angeles by taking part of your journey by car or ferry to use the car and ferry. You can get off at PortLos Angeles by using Washington State Ferries, which dock at Port Townsend and Kingston.

Travelers to Olympia can get off I-5 on Highway 101 from any point south and follow the road to Los Angeles Harbor on the north side of the Hood Canal. From Olympia, take Exit 103, exit H Highway 101, merge onto I / 5, then follow it to Port Angeles. Then take Hway 104 to Hood Canal, which will take you to H Highway 101, which will take you to PortLos Angeles and then Interstate 5.

A week or more to explore would be ideal, but if you have time, there are some things to do in Port Angeles, Washington for a short trip. The bridge is just a short walk from the ferry terminal at Los Angeles Harbor and then take a ferry to Victoria, about an hour and a half drive away. One of the most famous things to do in the Port of Angeles, if time permits, is to take the ferry from Victoria. Spend half of your day exploring and having fun, then take a Victoria Ferry to PortLos Angeles or Washington State Ferry.

It's only a three-hour drive from Seattle, but a must for Washington visitors and locals. If you are traveling to Everett, you can cross Puget Sound and take a ferry to Seattle on US 101, the Olympic Highway, or get off the highway and start your journey with the Washington State Ferry, whichever option you choose, and leave Seattle via the Bremerton - heading for Washington State Ferry. It costs about $20 for the round trip (which is free), but part of the trip involves ferry across Pugets Sound, so it has to be done.

Located on the east side of the city, Days Inn Port Angeles offers affordable, friendly accommodations just a short drive from all major attractions. If you are looking for something in Port Los Angeles, I recommend you take a look at the PortLos Angeles Downtown Hotel. Check out the rates and rent at an airport or somewhere between Seattle and Port Lakes for rates as low as $1,500 for one night.

The Dungeness Line luxury bus provides access to all major attractions in Port Los Angeles and downtown. You can drive to the port, but it is usually a minimum of three hours drive. The 132B regularly sails through Port Angeles and stops at the ports of Seattle, Port Lakes and Seattle - Tacoma.

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